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São Manoel Plant is a reference in natural rubber processing, providing high-quality products that meet the demands of various sectors of the industry, such as automotive, tires, footwear, and much more. With continuous investments in technology and a highly qualified team, we are committed to ensuring excellence and safety in our products.


Our product

Our product is 100% composed of Natural Rubber sourced from rigorously controlled latex coagulates. The GEB-10 is presented in 25 Kg bales and packed in plastic film with a thickness of 30 to 40 μm, with a melting point below 95°C. We fully comply with the requirements of applicable standards and the international TSR10 standard. The process is monitored through Statistical Process Control (SPC) with the highest quality standards demanded by our customers.

GEB-10 / TSR-10


Our manufacturing facility


At Usina São Manoel, we employ rigorous quality processes at every stage of production to ensure the consistency and high quality of our product. From the selection of raw materials to quality control, every detail is executed with precision and dedication.

We take pride in offering a product that meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability, as reflected in our numerous certifications, including ISO 9001, ECOVADIS, Bureau Veritas, GPSNR, CETESB, and others. These credentials attest to the superiority of our production process and our commitment to meeting our customers’ demands.

Message from the Management

Usina São Manoel is always evolving, driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge. This continuous quest for knowledge invariably presents us with new opportunities, which we seize with a qualified and dedicated team committed to offering more and better to our customers and society.

We believe that by acting in this way, we can provide peace and security that translate into a sustainable and better future for all. This is an extraordinary achievement, as we occupy a leadership position in the industry in terms of the scope and transparency of regular data collection and sustainability. We rely on the support of our employees in our initiatives aimed at protecting people and the environment.

Adriano Júnior Sabino

Director of São Manoel Rubber Trading


We constantly invest in technology to ensure quality and safety in our products.


Acquisition of a natural rubber processing plant.
Upgrade of the process water treatment reservoirs.
Expansion of the Production warehouse.
Construction of raw material storage boxes.
Construction of a washing tank.
Construction of the administrative headquarters.
Improvements in the laboratory.


Acquisition of a GEB-10 bale packager.
Acquisition of a palletizing machine.


Construction of a truck washout area with silt retention in settling boxes.
Implementation of a hydrant system, audible and visual alarms, and fire extinguishers.
Construction of a loading dock for the delivery and departure of GEB-10 loading trucks.
New water reservoir for production.


Purchase of a loader to assist in the process.
Construction of a new tank in the process.
Installation of a greenhouse to aid in raw material analysis.
Installation of the LPG central from Nacional Gás.


Increase in production capacity.
Construction of a new yard for receiving and maturing raw materials.
Construction of a new effluent treatment pond for the process.
Improvement of the piping for the process tanks.
Construction of the main electrical power cabin.
Construction of a warehouse for diesel and chemical products.


Construction of a drying bed for process residues.
Purchase of a reservoir to prepare raw material coagulant.


Construction of a secondary electrical power cabin.
Construction of a pre-wash tank, waste collector filter, high-efficiency and low-maintenance raw material disintegrator.
Purchase of a new loader.
Construction of a new power cabin for increased capacity.


Acquisition of a new automatic press complying with regulatory standards. Purchase of a new forklift. Improvement of the capacitor bank to reduce reactive energy consumption.


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Se você tem borracha de origem rigorosamente controlada, com alto padrão de qualidade, e está pronto para crescer conosco, venha fazer parte do nosso time! Juntos, podemos levar a indústria a novos patamares.
Mais do que uma relação comercial, queremos construir uma verdadeira parceria para impulsionar a produção de borracha no Brasil.
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